Refrigerated Boxes - Almana Enterprises have supplied over 1000 refrigerated truck bodies ranging from 1 tonne pickups to 8.5m large truck bodies including various chiller / freezer combinations. Special insulated boxes can be made with moveable partitions for multi-temperature applications, with single, double and triple rear doors and side doors to serve as ice cream trucks, hunting vehicles and mobile workshops. Our insulated boxes have various surface finishes such as PVC plastisol leather grain or stainless steel. The doors are made of steel panels complete with integrated gaskets and only the best quality door fittings. The floors can have aluminium chequer plate surface, leak proof GRP with a chequer plate /sand finish or aluminium profiled surface finish.

Dry Boxes - Excellent payloads and unrivalled customization. These boxes are hardworking and serve a huge range of uses from furniture home delivery, laundry delivery to mobile workshops, the demands for this type of box are ever increasing.
Amana Enterprises dry insulated boxes fit the bill exactly, manufactured from strong lightweight materials the bodies have excellent payloads for this weight sensitive sector. A high level of customisation with shelving, door and compartment designs, further the ability of these vehicles to serve their use. All of our dry boxes are manufactured in exactly the same way as are refrigerated boxes using 100mm or 50mm insulation.

Cargo Track & Movable Partitions - Our range of fixed and movable partitions allow you to quickly and easily change the configuration inside of your refrigerated box. These changes will allow you to reduce or increase the size of your refrigerated load space to suit your day to day requirements. The cargo track and belt system allows you to secure products and cargo inside the box in a safe and secure manner preventing any load loss.