Trailer Units


X4 is a trailer refrigeration unit designed to meet the rigors of harsh ambient conditions. It builds upon the renowned durability, reliability, performance, and economy of the Ultra Series.

Durable, rugged construction includes a proven engine, compressor and components that hold up to the rigors of distribution and long-haul operations.

The X4 exceptional capacity and airflow offer dependability, superior temperature control and multi application flexibility thanks to faster pull-down, superior air distribution and electronic expansion valve for precise temperature control.

Lower lifecycle cost is achieved thanks to the micro control and its advanced diagnostics, an easy access to components with its single and large side door and a fast thorough pre-trip.

X4 Performance  
Refrigeration Capacity 0ºC (W) 19,345
Refrigeration Capacity -20ºC (W) 10,260
Airflow (0 Pa static pressure) 5180
Pull-down +20ºC to -20ºC (min) 120
Maximum trailer length (m) 18